Dedicated to Growing the Tezos Community in India.

The Tezos India Foundation assists individuals and entities to use the Tezos blockchain. Our goal is to grow the community and advance Tezos in India through education, meetups and partnerships.  

Advancing the Tezos Ecosystem in India by Education, Meetups and Partnerships.


Subjects like Formal Verification, OCaml and Michelson are covered during the workshops in collaboration with universities. Our goal is to educate and discover new Tezos engineers in India.


To have the best reach in the country with 1.3 billion people, the Tezos India Foundation hosts events in seven different cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad.


We support technology research through industry-university collaboration. Through partnerships and consulting with companies we can grow the Tezos ecosystem further in India.


Bernd Oostrum

Co-founded one of the first startups on Tezos. Has multiple years of experience in building blockchain solutions for corporations, governments and startups.

Gokul Alex

Blockchain educator with two decades of experience in digital technologies. Currently driving blockchain initiatives as a Member of the Government Blockchain Association in India.

Om Malviya

Published research on bitcoin scalability in IEEE International Journal. Co-founded one of the first blockchain media companies in India before co-founding Tezsure.

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